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Grinded whole quail with beef and dilis

Grinded whole quail with beef and dilis

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INGREDIENTS : 60% grinded whole quail, 30% beef cube, 10% dilis

QUANTITY : 200grams

• no artificial flavors • no synthetic colors • no preservatives •

How to calculate daily intake : 1% of body weight to lose weight 2% of body weight to maintain weight 3% of body weight to gain weight *These are guidelines only, adjust according to your cat’s need*

Feed raw : Meals contain bones, cooking will change the consistency and will make the bone very hard, brittle that splinters.

KEEP FROZEN : Defrost at room temperature only, do not heat up with microwave, nor on cooking pan, nor hot water.

Raw leads the way towards healthier gut bacteria, balanced blood sugar and a better endocrine system.

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Know what you feed

Our movement is to educate and understand what dogs and cats should eat for their optimal health. Our motto "know what you feed", is the first step for a healthier lifestyle. And we reflect our motto with full transparency on our meals and treats.