What is the BARF diet

BARF stands for Biological Appropriate Raw Food founded by veterinarian and nutritionist Dr. Ian Billinghurst.

The principle is to feed our beloved pets :

  • raw meat
  • raw bones
  • raw organs
  • raw vegetables and fruits

Why these foods and why raw? Because it is to imitate what a dog would eat naturally. Genetically speaking, dogs are the same as their ancestor the wolves.

The benefits of feeding a raw diet :

  • healthier skin and fur
  • better dental hygiene
  • better digestion
  • better muscle tone and joints
  • less food allergies
  • less poop
  • an overall healthier pet

The environmental benefits :

Feeding raw, avoid factories that use resources to operate their heavy machinery which highly process "food" in becoming kibbles. Furthermore sourcing locally and fresh, lower our carbon footprint and empower the local farmers.

A balanced and complete raw diet :

Is feeding raw just serving a piece of steak or a whole chicken? We wish it would be just that, but sadly no. There are key components and proportions to be respected. Unfortunately an unbalanced raw meal can lead to deficiencies and future problem. With us, BARF.ph, we assure to serve only high-quality meals and guidance. Each dogs and cats are unique and with the variety of raw food and supplements we can assure your pet will eat their balanced meal.

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