Dehydrated treats by the gram or by the piece

Dehydrated treats by the gram or by the piece

Our dehydrated treats are all made from our kitchen. We slice and prepare everything by hand. Quality over quantity!

We have chosen to sell them by the gram or by the piece. ( Kindly read treats description to know which is which. )

Why distribute treats by the gram and not prepackaged?

It's no secret we are facing an environmental crisis and one issue is packaging waste. By letting you order by the grams/pieces allow us to customized the quantity you need and cut down on excessive packaging material. Less packaging material means less waste.

Does it also affect the pricing?

Indeed it does! For all natural dehydrated treats, we are actually a very affordable option in the market thanks to the sell by the gram/piece policy. How? We do not need to spend on labels and packaging and our selling price is based only by the ingredients and labor cost, no packaging cost.

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