Benefits of grinded pumpkin seeds

Benefits of grinded pumpkin seeds

Benefits in adding grinded pumpkin seeds to your pup's diet :

High In Antioxidants And Fatty Acids - This helps keep your dog healthy and improve their urinary health.

Prevent Canine Parasites - The amino acids in pumpkin seeds act as a deworming agent and help a dog's body rid itself of parasites and worms, especially roundworms and tapeworms.

Anti-Inflammatory - Pumpkin seeds are helpful for any dogs who are suffering from arthritis or dysplasia.

High in Healthy Fats - These fats help lower the level of bad cholesterol and promote good cholesterol.

Good For Cardiovascular Health - Pumpkin seeds are high in vitamin E and vitamin K. These vitamins also help keep your dog's bones strong and healthy.

High in Potassium - Potassium is essential for muscle support.

High Levels Of Zinc - Zinc is excellent for improving your dog's immune systems as well as regulating hormones.

Improves Red Blood Cell Function - This is because pumpkin seeds contain iron, phosphorus, and magnesium.

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